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Escape Land is an innovative way to exciting entertainment. Imagine that you and your friends came to the room where the terrorist attack was being prepared or cruel murder was committed. Your smartness and intelligence will be crucial whether you manage to solve absorbing riddles and rescue lives of Cracow citizens or to solve mysterious criminal case!

Escape Land is a real life escape game. It is fun-filled, adrenaline fuelled 60 minutes, during which in a group of 2 to 4 people you have to unravel the secrets of our rooms. Instead of watching another thrilling action movie, visit Escape Land and be the main character of breathtaking story!


2-4 People


60 minutes


25 – 30 €


Great Fun


Team Work




Laboratorium rzeźnika


You wake up confused in a bloody lab, with handcuffs on your hands. You can almost feel the smell of fear in the room and the perfect silence is interrupted by the sound of flashing lamps. Walls are covered with dried blood stains and rust, still sharp tools are lying on a green countertop…

The sick doctor isn’t present in the room at this moment. Will you manage to escape the room before the madman returns to realize his sick fantasies?



Dangerous terrorist was captured this morning in Cracow. Your counter-terrorist unit was sent to investigate his place and identify connections with other terrorists. The situation becomes extremely dramatic after discovering that powerful explosive charge was planted in the city center…

Room investigation activated bomb. You have only one hour in order to find a way to disarm the explosive. Time is running out and every single second counts! The life of Cracow citizens depends only on your decisions!




You wake up in your room, but not everything seems real. Or maybe it is one of those nightmares you recently had, in which you were seeing burned man in red – green striped sweater? Everything that happens during that dream, you will feel when you wake up…

One thing is clear – that monster isn’t here yet. But will you be able to wake up on time before HE appears with his glove with sharp knives?



3 rooms to choose 60 minutes of entertainment 2-4 people

25 € (monday – friday)
30 € (saturday – sunday)

Special offer

If you are looking for a creative and original gift idea, buy Escape Land voucher and make unique present for your loved ones. Visiting Escape Land is above all an excellent opportunity to experience great emotions and an outstanding adventure, which your friend will remember forever.

Voucher entitles you to play in one of the Escape Land rooms, on any day of the week (after booking) in a team consisting of 2 to 4 people. Voucher is valid 3 months. You can buy voucher at Escape Land office (Długa 43/6, Cracow) or just email us:

Escape Land is an innovative idea for an effective team building in your company or team. Playing in our rooms fosters relationship building, improves communication skills and strengthens cooperation among team members, what implies measurable benefits to your organization.

Our game scenarios allow you to observe the behavior of your employees, what enables to determine their competences and characters. It is also an excellent way to verify who has great leadership skills and who is good at analyzing the incoming information. Escape Land is a perfect concept not only for the original team integration but also an idea to conduct professional assessment center session.


How many people can participate in the game?

2 to 4 players can participate in the game. If you want to visit us with a larger group we recommend reserving 2 or 3 rooms in a similar time e.g. 5:45 PM and 6:00 PM or just write us an email.

How long does the game take?

The game (in each of our rooms) lasts up to 60 minutes.

How much is the game?

The game costs 25 € (from monday to friday) and 30 € (from saturday to sunday).

How can I pay?

You can pay at the Escape Land office by cash. We accept PLN and EUR.

What languages are used in the game?

Our scenarios were prepared in such a way that you don’t need to know any language to take part in a game. Introduction and the rules of the game are explained in Polish or English.

How can I book a game?
The easiest way to book a game is using our booking system. It is also possible to book a game by calling us: +48 796 77 22 73

When should I come if I have a reservation for 5 PM?
We suggest coming 10 minutes before the start of your game so we can explain you the rules of the game and introduce you to the background of the selected scenario.

What if we have a problem with solving the riddles?

Our games are being watched by attentive Game Master. If you get stuck not knowing what to do next our Game Master will give you an useful hint.

I am looking for a unique gift…

Game at Escape Land is an excellent idea for a gift on any occasion. We prepared special, elegant vouchers, which you can give to a person close to you. We are encouraging to purchase a voucher at Escape Land office (Długa 43/6, Cracow)


Escape Land

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